Bikini Line Hair Removal

Benefits of Shaving the Bikini Area

When one thinks of bikini line hair removal, it’s probably because of the warm weather of summer and making sure the area looks the best that it can while wearing a bathing suit. This is only one of the reasons of using a bikini razor to shave the area as it offers a comfortable way to wear bathing suits that are of a different style other than a cover-up or boy shorts. When the bikini area is shaved, it promotes healthier hygiene. Excess hair can trap bacteria, which can lead to urinary tract infections and possible kidney infections. It also helps to keep down odors that might develop if there is excess hair in the region. Bikini line hair removal is easy to do, the proper bikini razor needs to be used for that part of the body in order to prevent irritation that could develop on the skin.

Tips for Finding a Bikini Trimmer

When searching for the best bikini trimmer, look for one that is gentle on the skin and has a lubricating strip. There are specific trimmers for shaving the bikini area that are small in size and easy to hold while taking a shower, allowing for easy maneuverability in areas that seem hard to reach. Most retail stores sell a variety of trimmers. It might take a few different brands in order to find one that works with the skin type and one that is easy to manage depending on the amount of hair that is removed and how often the area is shaved. While looking for the best bikini trimmer, read reviews that are posted online. These will give an idea as to how well one type works over another so that you don’t waste money on a product that doesn’t work for most women. Avoid using a traditional women´s razor as this could lead to red bumps that form on the skin.

Shaving the Bikini Area

In order to shave the bikini area, it’s important to wash with a mild soap first. Determine how much of the area to shave. All of the hair could be removed, or a stencil could be created to have a design in the area. Some leave a small strip of area and only shave the bikini area on the sides. One of the things to remember is that there aren’t any health risks if all of the hair is removed. Trim the hair with scissors before using a bikini women´s razor as this will make it easier to get to the skin. An electric trimmer is also an idea if using scissors doesn’t seem safe on this area of the body.

Make sure the hair is soft before beginning the trimming process. A bubble bath often works well so that the hair is pliable and easier to manage with a bikini shaver. Exfoliate the area before and after shaving to remove dead skin cells and any bacteria that might be hiding in the hair. A loofah is a good tool to use as it’s not too harsh on the skin. Always use some kind of mild soap or lubricant with a bikini shaver or bikini razor. Shaving cream also works. It’s best to use something that doesn’t have a lot of fragrance in it as the chemicals could irritate the skin. However, some kind of soap needs to be used to decrease the redness on the body. Only use one razor while shaving the bikini area, disposing of it after the area is shaved. There are some trimmers that do have a protective strip and that have smaller blades that are made for using more than one time, but it’s important to make sure the trimmer is cleaned with hot water and soap to remove hair and bacteria.

More blades on the razor will yield to a better outcome when shaving. Don’t use a razor that has been used to shave the arms or the legs as bacteria from these areas of the body can transfer to the bikini area. Long, slow strokes should be used when shaving this part of the body. Don’t be too abrasive as you might while shaving the legs. This is a part of the body that is more sensitive as it usually doesn’t receive the same attention in the way of shaving like other areas of the body.

Don’t press too firmly on the skin. Let the blade glide over the area. It might take a few runs across the skin to remove all of the hair, but it’s best that the time is taken to gently remove the hair instead of rushing. Keep in mind that each time the trimmer is passed over the area, it removes dead skin cells. This is where scissors will come in handy. If a much hair can be removed from cutting, then it will make it easier when using the razor to only go over the area a few times. If the hair is coarse or curly, consider using an electric trimmer as this won’t be as harsh on the skin. Pay attention to the blades, rinsing with each pass and when the blades become clogged with hair. Once the area is shaved, use a mild moisturizer to prevent redness.

What are the Dangers

While there are several benefits to shaving the bikini area, there are a few dangers as well. One of those is that there could be small cuts that occur that aren’t seen. These small cuts can trap bacteria, which can lead to infections. That’s not to say that every time the bikini area is shaved there will be a cut, but it’s a possibility, especially if an older razor is used or the skin is lubricated.

If a trimmer or razor isn’t an option, then consider waxing. However, this method can also lead to infections and red bumps that develop on the skin. Most wax is applied with a small stick. If the stick is used in the form of double-dipping, which is using the stick two times before it’s rinsed, then it could lead to the transfer of an infection. Wax strips are an option as they are only used one time.

To Shave or Not to Shave?

Some women prefer not to shave as they enjoy a natural look in the bikini region. While this is something that can lead to harboring bacteria, keeping pubic hair isn’t against any kind of rule by doctors or other health professionals. One of the things to keep in mind is that shaving the bikini area does provide a little more comfort when you go to the doctor for a yearly examination and receive a pap smear. It is also a little more comfortable when delivering a baby as the hair isn’t present to interfere with the delivery process. Some doctors will shave the area anyway to make it easier to insert a wire on the baby’s scalp or to insert forceps to help get the baby delivered. Not shaving can sometimes lead to excess sweat in this area of the body, which can simply be uncomfortable for some women.

Types of Bikini Trimmers

An all-in-one electric shaver is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on two or three different razors. Find a trimmer that has a rotating head to make it easy to reach the small crevices of the bikini area. Most electric razors can be used in wet or dry conditions. This makes it easier to shave the area without being in the shower, especially if only a quick trim is needed. Most trimmers are hypoallergenic. This means that there is a decrease in bacteria spreading when the trimmer is used. Some electric trimmers have a smaller trimmer that can be adjusted specifically for sensitive spots. A trimmer to look for is one that has a very small head along with grooming products. These include combs that can help in straightening the hair before it’s trimmed so that there aren’t any curls to deal with. Some also include templates for those who want a design made on the pubic area or who want to create a strategic shave that gives a little more detail than simply taking away the hair that is in the region.