Features and Functionality of the Best Bikini Trimmers

Shaving near the bikini line appears on the surface to be a simple enough task, but more often than not it can be a traumatizing and arduous task. There are many reasons that shaving that nether region can be difficult. The bikini area has very delicate and sensitive skin that will react when in contact with a dull blade. Because this is such a tight area, maneuvering the trimmer can be especially difficult. The traditional razor was not developed to be able to make fine line cuts in these difficult regions, they were made to cut through coarse hair on the legs, armpits, and face. Don’t worry, all hope is not lost! The best bikini trimmer is a combination of removing hair easily while leaving clean straight lines throughout.

The Philips Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

When it comes to working with the best bikini trimmer, you want to basically have as simple an experience as possible. There really is no need for bells and whistles here, you just want to get in and remove that hair as cleanly and efficiently as possible. The Philips bikini trimmer gets the job done right the first time, leaving that region looking and feeling amazing. The handle of this bikini trimmer is the perfect fit for smaller hands, with a thin head for reaching more challenging areas. The head of this trimmer moves, and you can set the trimming levels to your desired preference. It is recommended you start with a higher setting than desired, then work backwards until you find the hair length that is right for you.

This trimmer takes regular batteries and will last you several shaves before replacing is needed. The trimmer head offers a very tight and close shave, perfect for that pubic bone area that can be extremely difficult to shave with any other type razor. One of the biggest benefits to this trimmer is you will experience less in the way of ingrown hairs in that region. The delicate folds of that bikini area will appear soft and supple. Philips has been producing some of the best battery and electric razors and trimmers on the market, this is the best bikini trimmer you could buy for the price, superior in design and performance. If you are looking for a close shave and resulting soft skin, this bikini trimmer ranks at the top.

Panasonic Bikini Shaper and Trimmer


Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer - best bikini trimmer
If you want the best bikini trimmer for your money, you can not go wrong with the this bikini shaper and trimmer. This little shaving trimmer packs a huge punch and runs on two AA batteries. One of the reasons it is considered a top-rated bikini trimmer is you have the ability to adjust the shaving head to five different positions. Now you have the ability to be able to manipulate that razor into the tighter crevices and curves of the nether regions. The shaving head is extremely thin, allowing you to easily access any smaller areas with ease. The trimmer is only one inch wide, allowing you to easily hold it in either hand comfortably.

Many bikini trimmers do not have the adjustable shaving head, this is why this brand shaper and trimmer is considered one of the best. The bikini trimmer offers you the opportunity to get a close and clean trim that can be customized from 5/8 of and inch all the way down to 1/8 of an inch. One added feature of this trimmer is if you are looking to get the closet possible shave, the shaving head can be easily removed and you can get the trimming edge right up to your skin surface. For those looking for a completely hairless bikini line, this is the bikini trimmer for you.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer


The Schick name is synonymous with quality shaving products, so when you see their name attached to a bikini trimmer, you know only good things can come of it. As one of the most popular brand names in the razor world, the Schick Hydro TrimStyle bikini trimmer is unlike any on the market. This little shaving device utilizes dual functionality, a tradition 5 blade razor head on one side, with a trimmer on the other. One of the unique features of this bikini trimmer is the comb assembly that vibrates as you shave, allowing the razor head to easily glide through even the most coarse hairs. Now you have the ability to select the desired length of the hair in that region with a click of the trimmer head.

The bikini trimmer utilizes a single AAA battery, but do not let that fool you, the shaver packs a huge punch for such a small and delicate device. Now simply choose the desired length, turn on the razor, and be amazed at how effortlessly the trimmer glides through even the most challenging areas. Whether you are in the folds of the bikini line or right up against the pelvic bone, the Schick Hydro will make quick work of removing those hairs quickly and painlessly. For those looking for a close shave without irritation, this is the best bikini trimmer made by Schick. Your skin will look incredible and it will be extremely soft to the touch.

Remington Smooth & Silky Bikini Styler


Remington WPG4020A Body and Bikini Grooming Kit - best bikini trimmer
Remington Smooth & Silky bikini trimmer is as efficient as it sounds. Considered to be the standard in the shaving industry, when people want a close shave they trust the Remington name. The Remington bikini trimmer will make short work of those trouble areas and leave the skin looking and feeling amazingly smooth. Not only is this company best-known for their electric razors, they have thrown their hat into the bikini market and quickly become one of the best bikini trimmer makers today. One of the biggest benefits of this trimmer is the size, it comfortably fits in even the smallest hands, lightweight and easy to navigate.

The smaller razor head allows you to get into those more challenging regions without any problem. The rounded edges on the bikini trimmer allow you to sculpt the region any way that you prefer. These rounded edges of the Remington bikini trimmer are also helpful for avoiding any cuts, nicks, or scratches during shaving. The fine precision of the shaving head allow for the closest possible shave even deep into the tiniest of crevices. Comes with removable head for easy cleaning, shaving attachments, and a small carrying case. Once you have shaven, plug the trimmer into the charging adapter and when it is fully charged the indicator light will turn on. Now you are ready to go in an instant the next time you have to shave that bikini region.

The Panasonic Close Curves Ladies Bikini Shaver


There is a very good reason that Panasonic makes the list for best bikini trimmer twice. This rechargeable and versatile little bikini trimmer is small enough to work comfortable into tight areas, yet strong enough to remove even the most troublesome hair in a clean cut. This bikini trimmer is perfect for the lady on the go, ready to go fully charged at a moments notice. The trimmer is waterproof, meaning if you are in the bathtub and would like to do some shaving on your legs, the trimmer can get the job done without any issue. The razor is much wider than any other bikini trimmer, the additional features put this shaver in the top of the class. This shaver has floating heads, allowing a delicate shave over the most difficult parts of your body.

The razor itself is also hypo-allergenic. This means that as you work the razor along those sensitive areas of your body, you will not have to be concerned with any reactions in the skin that can cause red blotches or razor bumps. One of the benefits of this ladies bikini trimmer is the floating heads make it versatile. You have the ability to also shave your armpits, your legs, even your face. Everything that you could need in the best bikini trimmer is packed into this shaving trimmer. This wet/dry shaver is perfect for any shaving conditions, and can store away in the smallest of packages to travel with you on the run.

Choosing Your Bikini Trimmer
When it comes to choosing the best bikini trimmer, it all comes down to personal preference. While this list is comprised of the best of the best, they are still versatile enough that you can find one that fits your personal needs best. Whether you are on business and traveling from hotel to hotel and need a bikini trimmer that works best on the move, or you want your trimmer with you in the bathtub while relaxing after a challenging week. These bikini trimmers will remove hair in the most difficult areas and leave your skin soft to the touch. The quality of the top brands is superior, so you will not have to be running back to the store any time soon to replace the bikini trimmer that you just purchased.


Bikini Line Hair Removal

Benefits of Shaving the Bikini Area

When one thinks of bikini line hair removal, it’s probably because of the warm weather of summer and making sure the area looks the best that it can while wearing a bathing suit. This is only one of the reasons of using a bikini razor to shave the area as it offers a comfortable way to wear bathing suits that are of a different style other than a cover-up or boy shorts. When the bikini area is shaved, it promotes healthier hygiene. Excess hair can trap bacteria, which can lead to urinary tract infections and possible kidney infections. It also helps to keep down odors that might develop if there is excess hair in the region. Bikini line hair removal is easy to do, the proper bikini razor needs to be used for that part of the body in order to prevent irritation that could develop on the skin.

Tips for Finding a Bikini Trimmer

When searching for the best bikini trimmer, look for one that is gentle on the skin and has a lubricating strip. There are specific trimmers for shaving the bikini area that are small in size and easy to hold while taking a shower, allowing for easy maneuverability in areas that seem hard to reach. Most retail stores sell a variety of trimmers. It might take a few different brands in order to find one that works with the skin type and one that is easy to manage depending on the amount of hair that is removed and how often the area is shaved. While looking for the best bikini trimmer, read reviews that are posted online. These will give an idea as to how well one type works over another so that you don’t waste money on a product that doesn’t work for most women. Avoid using a traditional women´s razor as this could lead to red bumps that form on the skin.

Shaving the Bikini Area

In order to shave the bikini area, it’s important to wash with a mild soap first. Determine how much of the area to shave. All of the hair could be removed, or a stencil could be created to have a design in the area. Some leave a small strip of area and only shave the bikini area on the sides. One of the things to remember is that there aren’t any health risks if all of the hair is removed. Trim the hair with scissors before using a bikini women´s razor as this will make it easier to get to the skin. An electric trimmer is also an idea if using scissors doesn’t seem safe on this area of the body.

Make sure the hair is soft before beginning the trimming process. A bubble bath often works well so that the hair is pliable and easier to manage with a bikini shaver. Exfoliate the area before and after shaving to remove dead skin cells and any bacteria that might be hiding in the hair. A loofah is a good tool to use as it’s not too harsh on the skin. Always use some kind of mild soap or lubricant with a bikini shaver or bikini razor. Shaving cream also works. It’s best to use something that doesn’t have a lot of fragrance in it as the chemicals could irritate the skin. However, some kind of soap needs to be used to decrease the redness on the body. Only use one razor while shaving the bikini area, disposing of it after the area is shaved. There are some trimmers that do have a protective strip and that have smaller blades that are made for using more than one time, but it’s important to make sure the trimmer is cleaned with hot water and soap to remove hair and bacteria.

More blades on the razor will yield to a better outcome when shaving. Don’t use a razor that has been used to shave the arms or the legs as bacteria from these areas of the body can transfer to the bikini area. Long, slow strokes should be used when shaving this part of the body. Don’t be too abrasive as you might while shaving the legs. This is a part of the body that is more sensitive as it usually doesn’t receive the same attention in the way of shaving like other areas of the body.

Don’t press too firmly on the skin. Let the blade glide over the area. It might take a few runs across the skin to remove all of the hair, but it’s best that the time is taken to gently remove the hair instead of rushing. Keep in mind that each time the trimmer is passed over the area, it removes dead skin cells. This is where scissors will come in handy. If a much hair can be removed from cutting, then it will make it easier when using the razor to only go over the area a few times. If the hair is coarse or curly, consider using an electric trimmer as this won’t be as harsh on the skin. Pay attention to the blades, rinsing with each pass and when the blades become clogged with hair. Once the area is shaved, use a mild moisturizer to prevent redness.

What are the Dangers

While there are several benefits to shaving the bikini area, there are a few dangers as well. One of those is that there could be small cuts that occur that aren’t seen. These small cuts can trap bacteria, which can lead to infections. That’s not to say that every time the bikini area is shaved there will be a cut, but it’s a possibility, especially if an older razor is used or the skin is lubricated.

If a trimmer or razor isn’t an option, then consider waxing. However, this method can also lead to infections and red bumps that develop on the skin. Most wax is applied with a small stick. If the stick is used in the form of double-dipping, which is using the stick two times before it’s rinsed, then it could lead to the transfer of an infection. Wax strips are an option as they are only used one time.

To Shave or Not to Shave?

Some women prefer not to shave as they enjoy a natural look in the bikini region. While this is something that can lead to harboring bacteria, keeping pubic hair isn’t against any kind of rule by doctors or other health professionals. One of the things to keep in mind is that shaving the bikini area does provide a little more comfort when you go to the doctor for a yearly examination and receive a pap smear. It is also a little more comfortable when delivering a baby as the hair isn’t present to interfere with the delivery process. Some doctors will shave the area anyway to make it easier to insert a wire on the baby’s scalp or to insert forceps to help get the baby delivered. Not shaving can sometimes lead to excess sweat in this area of the body, which can simply be uncomfortable for some women.

Types of Bikini Trimmers

An all-in-one electric shaver is ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on two or three different razors. Find a trimmer that has a rotating head to make it easy to reach the small crevices of the bikini area. Most electric razors can be used in wet or dry conditions. This makes it easier to shave the area without being in the shower, especially if only a quick trim is needed. Most trimmers are hypoallergenic. This means that there is a decrease in bacteria spreading when the trimmer is used. Some electric trimmers have a smaller trimmer that can be adjusted specifically for sensitive spots. A trimmer to look for is one that has a very small head along with grooming products. These include combs that can help in straightening the hair before it’s trimmed so that there aren’t any curls to deal with. Some also include templates for those who want a design made on the pubic area or who want to create a strategic shave that gives a little more detail than simply taking away the hair that is in the region.